Fire Awareness Training Course

Course Overview

This course is designed to ensure that employees understand the procedures which need to be followed in the event of fire and to raise awareness of the Importance of fire safety.

Who needs this qualification?

This qualification is for people at any level, in any sector, needing grounding in the essentials of Fire safety.

Why is this training important?

Adequately trained staff will reduce the risk of a fire within the organisation as well as ensuring that if an emergency should occur, that correct procedures are followed to ensure that employees are not harmed.

Learning outcomes. 

  • Understand the causes of fire in the workplace                         
  • Identify the different classes of fire
  • Explain what is meant by the fire triangle
  • Understand the importance of good housekeeping
  • Describe the actions to be taken in the event of a fire
  • Describe the different types of fire extinguisher and on what types of fire they should be used.
  • Understand the importance of a Fire Risk Assessment

Course details.

The Course is 3 Hours duration and will be delivered at your own premises or a convenient off site location.

Delegates will receive a Handout Pack and Course Outline for use on the day. Delegates will also receive a Certificate of Attendance within a week of the event. All courses are fully evaluated using our own documentation, but in-house evaluation methods can be used if preferred.

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